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About Us

The Cafe

Nestled in Sydney CBD, Sydney Aboriginal Cafe is more than just a cafe – it’s a gateway to Aboriginal culinary heritage. We specialise in authentic Aboriginal dishes, each echoing millennia of tradition. Not only do we invite you to dine with us, but we also offer dedicated catering services, ensuring your events are graced with the unique flavors of Australia’s First Nations. Experience the depth of Aboriginal cuisine right in the heart of Sydney. Join us today.

Koori Kulcha

Indigenous catering, our chefs marry the best of rich, aromatic Indigenous flavours to produce top quality Indigenous cuisine

Koori Kulcha Aboriginal Corporation is a not-for-Profit Community Organization. Our primary objective is to run a sustainable business, highlighting the richness of the food, the beauty of the culture and the art.

Koori Kulcha catering is based around the traditional Lores of our Ancestors in regards to being Environmentally friendly, harvesting by the Indigenous seasons and taking only what’s required.

Our Aboriginal Herbs, Spices, Nuts & Fruits are sourced direct from other Indigenous communities.

Our Social snap shot is inline with our primary purpose in which Koori Kulcha Catering provides training and employment pathways through its not-for-profit Enterprise.

Some of what Koori Kulcha supports in the community is Families in crisis, Youth at risk, education and Employment outcomes.

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